Rattanakosin Island Heritage Bangkok

The Great (Blue) Stream of The Kingdom of Thailand , where prosperity of natural resources and the souls from the northern mountains (Green) are merged and amalgamated at the vast plain in the middle of the country. This unquestionably forms the perfect settlements (Brown) for the human society.Since Siamese pre-historic times, towards Thavaravadi and Sri-Ayudhya realms , right up until present day, these human indigenous wisdoms and their respects of the nature, shape this unique water cities characteristics.


Rattanakosin” or “Bangkok” was once called “The 2nd Venice of the east” (named after Ayudhya Town) though, nowadays the city has abandoned its name thoroughly. But if you have the opportunity to cruise alongside The Chao Phraya River, Bangkok waterways and canals; the glimpse into the timeless charm, the greatest of Southeast Asian water city during the 9th century, will be magically brought back to life.

Lecturer: Mr. Ronnarit Thanakoses, Landscape Architect and Community History Specialist