2-5 November 2017

Bangkok, Thailand


Blue and green landscapes and cultures

are what unify us on this planet.

Situated in the hyper-density of Bangkok, the 2017 IFLA APR congress will be the first landscape architectural event to focus on the potential for landscape architects within the Asia Pacific region to expand their role in determining the future of our cities and rural landscapes in the face of market-driven economic pressures, climate change, unprecedented urban population shifts, food security, and dwindling reserves for accessible public open spaces.

Bangkok is a natural point of convergence for landscape architects from the region that contains more than half of the world’s “megacities”. While recent focus has been on the magnitude of these urban agglomerations, the Bangkok 2017 IFLA APR congress will also explore the consequent complexity, beauty, and issues facing peri-urban and rural landscapes that must not be left behind in the pursuit of unchecked and often unplanned development.

Landscape architects are in a unique position to bring design intelligence to a host of development issues that require an appreciation of ecological, social, technical, and economic factors. The speaker series and workshops will provide practitioners and allied professionals an opportunity to learn, collaborate, and explore real-life solutions to landscape and planning issues.

News Update

Congratulations to the winners of the IFLA APR 2017 International Student Competition!

1st Prize $3,000
Back to Lake – the historical reclamation of farming and fishing in Sanshan island of Tai lake
By Yuanyuan Zhang, Lizhu Zeng, Wanting Lin, Xiaofang Liu from Soochow University


2nd Prize $2,000
When Flood Equals Wealth at Bangkien, Choomsang, Nakonsawan, Thailand
By Pakasem Tongchai from Chulalongkorn University


3rd Prize $1,000
Rural Landscape and Infrastructure: Reconsidering Indigenous Community Connectivity
By Nithirath Chaemchuen from Chulalongkorn University



Design is an act of integration. This idea has been a personal pursuit of mine with each new landscape presenting itself as a canvas to explore this idea. As the Chairperson for the 2017 IFLA APR Regional Congress, it is an honour to invite speakers and delegates from around the world to share their ideas about landscape architecture, urbanism, and art and design in the contemporary world. Landscape Architects are, in my opinion, an indispensable profession that is able to research, contemplate, and posit new approaches to global warming, loss of biodiversity, liveable cities, rural welfare, and related issues facing blue, green, and cultural landscapes across Asia Pacific and the world.


The IFLA APR group includes some of the most populous, dense, and diverse countries in the world and I believe that we have more that connects us than separates us. My home city of Bangkok is a rapidly changing and cosmopolitan city faced with its own unique challenges but I believe that collaboration with a mind to learn from each other can create a strong body of knowledge that professionals across the region – and the world – can draw from.

Together with the organising committee and the Thai Association of Landscape Architects (TALA) we look forward to welcoming you to Bangkok and the 2017 IFLA APR Regional Congress in November.

Wannaporn Pui Phornprapha


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